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Section Report from Atlanta 2012

15 Apr

Dear friends and colleagues,

We had a wonderful time in our 2012 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, back in March 2-4, at the Marriott Atlanta Century Center! Our section offered three sessions: a solo section with open call to papers, with J. Derrick-Lemons, of University of Georgia presenting “Questions of Faith: The Making of Questions Requiring Higher-Order Cognitive Skills”, and Itihari Touré, of The Interdenominational Theological Center presenting, “Community Learning, Ritual as an Emerging Leadership Practice”, for this session we had the participation of 15 people.

Our second session was joint with Women, Gender, and Religion, focusing on “the promises, perils, and pedagogy when teaching issues of gender, sexuality, and religion in the Southeast”. Kelly Frances Fenelon from Vanderbilt University presented “Pedagogy or Provocation? Chas(t)ing Women’s Human Rights Using Purity Balls”; Kent L. Brintnall from University of North Carolina presented “What’s Fear Got to Do with It? Teaching Gender and Sexuality Courses without Apology”; and Heather McDivitt from Wingate University presented “Overcoming Obstacles to Provide a Successful Undergraduate  Religion Course in Human Sexuality”.

Our last session was joint with Black Cultures and the Study of Religion on the theme of “Obama and the Teaching og Religion.” Mark Ellingsen from the Interdenominational Theological Center presented “Teaching Religion, Our Founding Documents and the Obama Presidency”; Christopher D. Ringer from Vanderbilt University presented “Obama, Race, and the Unweiling of Hopes”; and Brandon J. White from Emory University presented “Civil Religion Forging a New beginning: A Sociorethorical Interpretation of Barack Obama’s Cairo Speech.”

For a reading on the various papers presented in these sessions, please refer to the category of Presented Papers.

In our Business Meeting that counted with 16 participants, we welcomed and elected Prof. J. Derrick-Lemons, from he University of Georgia  as one of our new co-chairs together with Prof. Reginaldo P. Braga. Welcome and congratulations Prof. Lemons!