Teaching/Learning Religion Call for Papers 2013

15 Apr

Hello friends and colleagues,

We are still processing the themes for our call for papers. As now these are the proposed themes and descriptions. Stay tuned for more details in terms of deadlines, requirements and more. Please send us your comments and suggestions on them. Also, lets start having threaded conversations on each one of them. In this way we could be deepening the subjects and preparing our section for the presentations next March.

Call for Papers

Teaching/Learning Religion Section


1) “The Teaching and Learning of Religion within the South: Navigating the Implicit Religious Cultural Wars South of the Mason-Dixon Line.” In keeping with the conference theme of “Religion and Culture Wars,” this session invites submissions which reflect on teaching strategies of faculty in Southern Universities when tackling controversial subjects in religion (ie., evolution, ethnicity, communal violence, gender, social justice, medical ethics, LBGT issues, the environment and other issues).

2)  “Ethnography as a Teaching Tool: Introducing Students to the Lived Religious Experience of Others.” In many religion classrooms, the teaching of religion tends to be historiographic in nature  where students are asked to memorize facts and critically analyze source material. Ethnography encourages students to observe religious practices, talk with people about their religious beliefs, and synthesis their findings into a meaningful description of the lived religious experience. Many students report that ethnography enlivens their passion for the study of religion. However, teaching students the art of ethnography can be overwhelming from both instructors and students. This session invites submissions which reflect on the best practices of the pedagogy of ethnography. Topics might include exploring the ethics of ethnography, development of student research questions, guiding the writing process, and other practical questions. Joint session with American Religion. Email Papers to dlemons@uga.edu, kbaker27@utk.edu, and jfleer@fsu.edu.

3)Invited Panel: “Teaching religion for social change, the intersections of scholarship, pedagogy and activism in Southern US.” A round-table conversation on the challenges and role of scholars, teachers, and activists on the social construction of cultural wars. Panelists: Sandy Martin, The University of Georgia;

4) Invited panel: “Cultural Wars between Students and Instructors over Learning Expectations in the Classroom”.  A panel responding to research over the role of student evaluations in tenure and promotions – is effective teaching really being measured? Panelists: Carolyn Medine, The University of Georgia;

Papers should be e-mailed to secsorteach@sre-itc.org and to the additional emails when indicated in each call.


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